Happy Saturday afternoon to all. It is a soggy Saturday here in New York City but it is still Saturday and I have the day and the time to myself, whee!!!
I recently received 5 cd’s that I had ordered from Kodak Gallery with all of my early photos from 2006 to 2007 that I took with my Sony DSC-W70 8mp P&S camera. My first digital camera. These are photos of trips and family events and wanderings around NYC. It didn’t occur to me to do this until I received an email from Kodak offering this deal. After I had my own website I obviously stopped uploading to Kodak and almost forgot the images were there.
I ordered the CD’s because I had lost these precious phots  when my hard drive was having issues and realized that these were the originals. I did not know about post processing software nor workload managment at the time these photos were taken . Now I have them back and I am going through each group of photos cleaning, sharpening, cropping, etc., with Photoshop Elements. I love the digital age. What a great time to be a photographer.
The first pics I worked on were of course my first photos taken in ten years on the beautiful Island of Maui, HI. That trip and the camera were a 50th birthday present to myself. I still get a thrill when I look at these photos and remember the excitement of being there and so glad that I rediscovered the creative fun and excitement of photography. I have not put the camera down since and never will.  Mid-life is a new beginning!
 I have uploaded them on my website and have included a few of my favorites below for your viewing pleasure.  Have a great weekend.   www.photobycate.com
Stay In Focus,






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