Happy Fantastic Friday Everyone,

The weekend is upon us  and I hope your week was great. 

The other evening I decided to rummage through some of my photos that I saved on my comuputer but did not post because  I wasn’t sure if they were good enough. What prompted me to do this was a post that I read on David duChemin’s blog ( http://www.pixelatedimage.com/blog/) about being good enough as a photographer and it got me thinking about how many times I have asked my self that very same question, even when people are praising my work!

I was given my first camera in 1994 (a used film SLR Canon EOS) with a few good tips like, holding the camera steady, good composition, etc.  It was  fun and exciting and I took some terrific shots that decorate my living room walls but, I wasn’t really interested in being a photographer then and put the camera down for about ten years. Then in 2006 I bought myself a digital P&S (Sony CyberShot) and took it with me to Hawaii and I have not stopped shooting since.  That trip erupted in me a passion for photography/creativity that had been dormant all these years.  I never went anywhere without that camera and became the family and friends event photographer. Uploading my shots on Kodakgallery and sending them to one and all. Fantastic.

I upgraded to a DSLR and quickly  realized I had a lot more to learn about photography other than pointing and shooting , and the digital darkroom if I was going to take this seriously.  I have received most of my photography education thanks to the Internet, magazines, books, seminars and classes  and  most importantly Practice

I now have a website to display my growing portfolio, to sell prints and license images through stock agencies.  I enter contests and solicit galleries  and magazines to exhibit my work.  It takes time and patience and I love it all  but, I still ask myself  “is my work good enough?”  I’ve decided yes it is.  Why? Because I believe in myself as a photographer and artist, I learn everyday about my craft and see my work as a life long project.   I stopped trying to compare my work to other established photographers and decided to learn from them at the same time following my own path while continuing to grow as a photographer.  A good decision.

Below are two photos I added to my portfolio.  The White Rose I took a year ago and the second, Man on the Pier I shot a few weeks ago.  Pretty good, huh?

Stay In Focus.



Man on PierWhite Rose


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