OK, I’m really pushing myself to keep this blog up to-date and to try to write at least three times a week and then eventually everyday.  Today I want to share with you three of my favorite websites and blogs that I read on a daily basis. As a new and emerging photographer these three sites are a god send, filled with a plethora of knowledge, tips, quotes, anecdotes, fun and support. The first is Jim Beecher’s PhototoKaboom a.k.a. Beecher’s Handouts. I had taken a course at the International Center for Photography and the instructor highly recommend this site.  And I’m glad he did.


It’s a free on-line guide to photography with sage advice,  step by step instruction and links for research.  Many times I have emailed Jim asking why and how-come questions and he has been very gracious and supportive with his answers. And he gets back to you within 24hrs.  Thank you Jim for all of your patience and help.

The second is Scott Kelby’s blog. http://www.scottkelby.com/  As most of you know in addition to being a great photographer Scott Kelby is the guru of all things Photoshop and Adobe. This is a fun blog and I “tune in” everyday to see what he is up to and who will be the guest blogger that week. Truly a fun and informative site.  BTW, Scott’s  The Digital Photography Book Volume 1 &  Volume 2 are a must read. The Digital Photography Book Volume 3 has been published and I’ve pre-ordered my copy through Amazon and should receive it some time this August. I keep one of  these books with me in my knapsack when I’m out shooting. These are my little photography bibles.  Thanks Scott!

The third site I came upon recently is PixelatedImage by the humanitarian photographer David duChemin. http://www.pixelatedimage.com/blog/ He has just published his first book Within The Frame and I am already on the second read through. Any photographer worth their “salt” should read this book. David’s insights into the how and why of photography are as incredible as his images. Great reading. Thanks David.

That’s it for today, enjoy the sites and Iwill be back later in the week with some photos from my wanderings around Astoria and Long Island City, Queens.

Stay in focus,



2 thoughts on “It’s Terrific Tuesday

  1. Hi Cate,

    Thank you for the great write up on Within the Frame.

    I work for Peachpit Press and thought you and your readers would like to know that David duChemin has a special podcast series in the works where he gives his own personal feedback on YOUR photos. You can submit them through flickr and, if chosen, he’ll let you know what he thinks! More info can be found here: http://tr.im/m85w

    The episodes are now available on Peachpit TV and you can view them here:


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