It’s been a while since my last post I know but, I have been busy shooting and in particular shot some beautiful and intriguing black and white images which I am happy to say have been very popular (see Urban Black & White). I am amazed at how much people  love black and white photography and was astounded when a few minutes after I had uploaded the images on I already received 250 hits!  I know in this digital age there is post processing software that allows the user to turn  color images into black and white and is actually a preferred method for some photographers, but I wanted to “see” in black and white.  So,  I switched  my camera to B&W mode and went out in search of urban scenes around my neighborhood that I felt would do B&W justice.  I hit pay dirt when I went back to the Steinway Mansion (see Urban Shots & Shadows) a  beautiful old ruin of  mid 19th century architecture still standing tall and stately right smack in the middle of an industrial area of Astoria Queens, NY which at one time was water front property!  I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph the surrounding yards and the spiral staicase leading to the rooftop.  The house is packed with all sorts of old antique family heirlooms and well loved junk spilling out the doors, porches and side entrances of the mansion. It is run down and in need of renovation but I loved it just as it was and shooting  in B&W gave it a spooky, haunted look and feel with the memory of a time gone by clinging to it like the vines, moss and ivy that cling to the sides of the house. 

 I continued my B&W odyssey the next weekend in Astoria Park and the following weekend  wandering along Astoria Blvd. Urban photography is my métier and I see the images that I take as beautiful and unusual sculptures and I intend to always include some B&W into my work. Enjoy the photos and as always stay in focus.

The Steinway Mansion

Step InSpooky


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