As anyone who is involved in stock photography knows by now the Photoshelter Collection doors are closed to stock photography. It was a kick-in-the-stomach kind of shock that has taken me a few days to get over enough to write this post. I was very new to this business and was pleased and excited when I came upon a professional stock agency that would accept the work of an aspiring photographer.  Truth be told and to give you an idea of how green I was, until PSC came along I did not even know that stock photography existed.  After researching this new found industry I warmed to the concept that CEO Allen Murabuyashi was trying to put across to the industry, which was simple: respect the photographers for the artists they are and compensate them for the work that they put into their art.  PSC offered 70% of a sale. Quite a chunk of the profits as compared to other angencies that consistantly offered  only 40-65% and micro stock agencies that offered pennies.  Photoshelter was a great experience and through the PSC forums I have met some great people who I have learned from and laughed with and I am proud to have been a part of it.  Movin on!


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