Yesterday was beautiful in the big Apple. Sunshine, blue skies with big fat puffy clouds and about 78 degrees and low humidity. The perfect day. So I packed my stuff and headed out to the beach. The N train was delayed due to track work, the #7 was also delayed getting me to the LIRR and the LIRR was suffering from numerous delays due to switching “issues.”  I realized I was not meant to go to the beach this day so I turned around went home grabbed my camera and took the bus to Astoria Park

The sky was so perfect that I knew I would be shooting at wide angle (18MM)  most of the day. I had a wonderful time walking along the shores of the East River taking photos of the many boats and leisure craft sailing north and south passing under the majestic Triborough and Hellgate Bridges. The park was full of people just lying in the sun, riding their bikes, parents out walking with the kids or best of all swimming in Astoria Pool.  I took some terrific shots which I proudly display for your viewing pleasure beneath these words.  Feel free to view all of them at


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