I had a fantastic day on Saturday. It was for me the perfect photo day. No place special to go, no place special to shoot, just me and my camera wandering around photographing whatever caught my eye.  I came out of the gym after a swim and decided to head across town from Lexington Avenue walking towards the FDR drive.  When I’m in the city I do alot of what I call “shooting up” in Manhattan.  Now I know that every photographer and hobbyist on the planet takes upwards shots of the buildings of Manhattan. But I do not care. I love the exhiliarting feeling I get when I look straight up at a tall majestic building like the Chryslar soaring up into a clear blue sky.  Wow! I could look at that photo all day. 

 I also shot a lot of repeating patterns and reflections. The city is a fantastic place to walk around in. There is always some little oasis tucked into the middle of this vast metropolis, like a roof top garden hidden among the many storied office or apartment buildings like the photo below.

  After walking around for a couple of hours I stopped into Starbucks for an iced latte and my favorite rainbow cookie (a huge sugar cookie with M&M’s) and took a shot of two beautiful cups.   All in all it was a great day. Just me and my camera. I love photography (and M&M’s too!)  You can view the rest of my photos from Saturday’s walk on www.photobycate.com

Smile for me 🙂


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