I use www.smugmug.com as a host site to sell my  prints and/or digital downloads and also to showcase my work. One of the great things about SmugMug (and there are many so if you haven’t joined click on the link and give it a whirl), is it’s very helpful forum on www.Dgrin.com where all of your questions regarding SmugMug are answered by a very qualified team of professional photogs and computer/Internet geeks (meant in the kindest possible way).  SmugMug allows you to customize your site to your specifications. They even help you to set up your own domain name through www.GoDaddy.com. Now you can do this two ways. If you are computer/Internet/html savvy you will be able to set up your webpage in no time with help from the SmugMug/Dgin forums folks. But, if you are like me a total nerd when it comes to anything technical then it is time to call in the professionals for help.  Smugmug recommended me to Jerry Roek of  http://www.jrphotosandesign.com . He is terrific. I told him exactly how I wanted my site to look and he did it within a week.  His fees are VERY reasonable.  So, if like me you are tired of tearing your hair out trying to figure out HTML send Jerry an email.  You’ll be very happy with the results and you’ll have a lot more hair.

View from Roosevelt Island, NY.
View from Roosevelt Island, NY.

Enjoy the day.



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