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Hot Town, Summer in the City……

…..back of my neck getting dirty and gritty — (The Lovin Spoonful, 1966) 

Sunday was one of those hazy, hot and humid New York City summer days. Saturday the rain kept me in all day so, when the sunshine woke me on Sunday morning, I grabbed the camera and walked out the door into the heat to capture the dirty and the gritty, that John Sebastian sang about all those summers ago.  My destination was Greenwich Village exiting the N train at Prince Street. For the next few hours I wandered around, in no particular order, up and down Mott, Elizabeth, Jersey, Mulberry, and Grand Streets, just to name a few.

The sun was high, the shadows dark and rivulets of sweat and sunscreen poured down my face as I capture whatever grabbed my attention whether it be on a wall, door, window or street. I mingled with the brunch crowds and the tourists getting their penny’s worth of local and historical color in this infamous part of town. I stumbled upon an amazing urban garden on Elizabeth Street. It was just a small plot of land filled with old statuary, that looked like it had been gracing the lawns and driveways of old mansions, the fronts of museums, hotels and the like. They were strewn about with flowers and plants growing naturally around them. Blankets were spread out under the shade of  few trees where the local residents relaxed, read and played with their dogs. So New York, so Greenwich Village.

The heat was finally getting to me and I slapped down six bucks for a medium cup of cold lemon ice from a street vendor in Little Italy! I know, I know but I was parched and spitting sand; not a good time to be choosy. No sooner did the ice hit the cup then it started to melt dripping down my hand and wrist. I ran across the street and ate my treat standing under the shade of a huge grey gun hanging from the front of John Jovino’s. The local gun distributor.

After the ice had cooled me down a bit it was time to head home to a cold shower and air conditioning.


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